Port Republic, New Jersey

The Road to Port Republic

When I first arrived to Port Republic, NJ I didn’t really have an idea of what to expect. Besides a few pictures I saw on the internet when I did a Google image search and two of my friends telling me it was one of the smallest towns they’ve ever seen… I really wasn’t prepared for how small this town actually was.

Port Republic is only a little over an hour away, so I felt comfortable driving there. I set my GPS to what I thought was going to be the town’s center and went on my way.

As I drove up to the town limits I was happy to see a beautiful shore and houses surrounded by plenty of trees. As my GPS said I were getting closer to the town center I started getting confused. Where was the ‘Main Street’? Where were the little shops?

My GPS basically led me to a fork in the road and I had to keep driving. After driving a few more minutes to see if I would possibly end up in Port Republic, I realized I had ended up in the next town over. I stopped at the side of the road and started searching my GPS for Port Republic points of interest.

I searched restaurants.

No results found.

I searched cafés.

No results found.

I searched shops.

One result, the ‘General Port Store.’

I set my destination for the shop and finally had some luck. The store stood by itself, with a post office attached to it. I walked in and spoke to the owner, Mickie Cavileer, who had owned the store with her husband for 31 years. I asked Mickie where I could find another store in the area. She chuckled and simply responded, “this is it.” I laughed in disbelief, and she repeated herself, “No, really. This is it. This is the only store in town.”

I asked Mickie to give me suggestions of where I could take some photos and talk to people. She told me I could go to a main crossroad behind her store and either go to the lake, where people fish, or I could go to the other side of town where the beach is, along with the town church, recreational fields and cemetery are.

I went to all of the places and not surprisingly the only person I actually saw was Mickie. I did manage to spot a rather large family of ducks….


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