Today in North Philadelphia

1900 Block of Fontain & 2100 Block of 20th & 2000 Block of Diamond.

Today I walked around North Philadelphia searching for people to interview for The Temple News’ upcoming documentary Generation Templetown. with my friend, Saba. We walked up and down Susquehanna with no luck. We were really hoping to find parents outside with their kids to ask them what effects they think Temple University has had on their children and what they think it’s like growing up in North Philadelphia.

We were about to admit defeat until I remembered that children usually play on the block parallel to mine. We walked over and sure enough there was a game of basketball being played. It was four boys being coached by an older gentleman named Mr. Bow. We watched the game for while and then asked Mr. Bow about the neighborhood, kids, coaching and Temple.

After speaking to Mr. Bow we went down 20th to Susquehanna where we were stopped by a group of children wanting to get their picture taken. I kindly obliged after asking their father for permission. While taking photos of the kids, a few neighbors intervened unsure of whether or not I had asked for permission from their parent. The problem was solved after they knocked on their door and physically saw the father say it was ok for me to take photos.

Although it was a bit annoying to get questioned by so many people it was nice to see neighbors take the time out to make sure the kids weren’t being photographed by some weirdo.

We ended up at a block party where another eager little girl asked to get her picture taken, and then one with her grandmother who will not be happy that I didn’t crop out her Heineken bottle.


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