Temple Theaters Main Stage: Brigadoon (Live Performance – Dress Rehearsal)


Philly Kids Gym

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to document one of the classes at Philly Kids Gym. Here are photos from the session.

A Cappella Concert

A Cappella groups Singchronize, Broad Street Line and Owlcappella performed a concert in Feb. 19. Jewkebox and Low Key also performed but unfortunately were not photographed.

Philadelphia Beats the Heat

Michelle’s First Communion

Seen Around Philadelphia

Random shots from around Philly that I forgot to post. They’re not really anything special just things that caught my attention around the city. Everything was shot between 15th to 32nd and Market to Walnut.

Reading Viaduct at Night

Photos of Philadelphia’s Reading Viaduct

For my Photo Seminar class this semester we did a project on abandoned structures in Philadelphia. My group chose to explore the Reading Viaduct, an abandoned railroad in Philly, that’s been in works to possibly becoming similar to New York’s High Line. This assignment required us to basically trespass on these properties, which is something I’ve never had to do before. It was great to prove that I can jump fences and take risks like my classmates to get the necessary shots.